Maple Tree Hellas

Origin & Hardiness

Discovered in Eastern Canada in July 2002 and selected from a group of 6 random seedlings, rigorous testing of Regal Petticoat® Maple is an ongoing practice to verify its’ hardiness, soil adaptability, disease (Rhytisma acerinum fungus for example), pest susceptibility, salt and drought tolerance.

The species pseudoplatanus is noted for its tolerance of wind, urban pollution and salt spray, which makes it a popular tree for planting in cities, along roads treated with salt in winter, and in coastal localities. It is cultivated and widely naturalised north of its native range in northern Europe, notably in the British Isles and Scandinavia north to Tromso, Norway Reykjavik, Iceland; and Torshavn on the Faroe Islands. It now occurs throughout the British Isles, having been introduced in the 17th century.

In North America, escapes from cultivation are most common in New England, New York City and the Pacific Northwest. It is planted in many temperate parts of the Southern Hemisphere, most commonly in New Zealand and on the Falkland Islands.

Production Facilities

Production facilities for Regal Petticoat® Maple are currently located in Oregon USA, and Ontario Canada with further production being established in Central and Eastern United States as well as Eastern and Western Canada to ensure an abundant supply to the market place!

With our production partners we are also producing a larger caliper commercial grade tree as well as a smaller cash and carry grade. Because of Regal Petticoat® Maple’s growth habit we will also consider a multi stemmed form to be used as screening and wind breaks.

Superior Leaf Colouration

An exciting improvement over Acer Pseudoplatanus Spaethii this cultivar discovered in eastern Canada in 2002 has shown superior leaf colouration in spring, summer (dark glossy green with a deep velvety purple underside), and an incredible fall colour : leaves turning aspen yellow on top and bright magenta pink on the underside accented with with reds, oranges, and salmons. Great for urban and commercial settings this salt tolerant variety matures to a beautiful specimen that provides the landscape with a tree of superior disease resistance.


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